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New times need new work

Not everything that sounds fancy is necessarily good and not all traditional things are bad. Today we have the opportunity to work differently – let’s use it to shape a great future!


DE DRIFFT focusses on: people, space and process.


Who are you and who do you want to be? Where do people meet and interact? What do you need in order to be able to work at your best?


people, space and process

First there was man
Man created work and organisations. This is where potential can develop. We offer a change of perspective, positive resonance and methodological expertise.


New work needs new spaces.
The workplace shapes one’s own experience and behaviour and, at the same time, is one of the most powerful tools in change processes thanks to its direct visibility.

We discover the potential of your existing spaces and always think freely, differently and in novel ways. Where do people come together? How can the space change the experience and ensure greater understanding and better collaboration?

No matter whether the foyer, conference room, team area, future workshop, office floor or the entire campus – we will support you from the initial idea right up to the implementation and opening.

(Requirement) analysis, conception, planning, control, implementation, integration


With transparency and trust in the process
On the path to new work: What do you want to let go of, what would you like to take with you, and what do you wish to newly establish? We will be there to support you with energy, ideas and expertise   >>>read more


Work can be a pleasure – let’s set off on the journey! We can say from experience that it is well worth it!


Expeditions, lectures and workshops


Process design and support